Dinosaur toys are boss.

Most of the reviews on this site are for toys that I have owned for years. Therefore the pictures might depict various levels of wear and tear. You should look on Google Images or the toy companies online catalogues to see more polished representations.

Though I might be hard on some of these dinosaur figurines for a variety of reasons (mostly because they’re not anatomically accurate), note that I still liked them enough to buy them. Except the ones I’ll be reviewing based on pictures, those are probably terrible.

All the dinosaur figurines (and other prehistoric animal toys) reviewed on this site will be graded on a scale of 1 to 5 based on the following criteria:

  • Accuracy: First and foremost, does the figurine look like the dinosaur it’s supposed to be? How closely does the figurine conform to what we CURRENTLY know about this dinosaur’s anatomy?
  • History: How well does the figurine reflect a historical idea or old/alternate hypothesis? How closely does the figurine conform to what we thought we knew about this dinosaur’s anatomy AT THE TIME IT WAS MADE? Does the figure integrate ideas from any classic paleoart?
  • Sculpt: How detailed and realistic is the sculpt?
  • Paint Job: How interesting and cool is the coloration? How well applied is the paint?
  • Aesthetics: How nice is this figurine overall?




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