Carnegie Quetzalcoatlus by Safari


Quick Facts
1998 Carnegie Collection Quetzalcoatlus figurine
Size: 28cm (wingspan)
Scale: 1:37 (1:40 advertised)
Sculpted by: Forest Rogers
Produced by: Safari Ltd.

Quetzalcoatlus is the perennial “terrible dactyl” when it comes to pterosaurs, which is why I’m starting with this classic representation. This Quetz was already out of date when it debuted in 1998, despite some heroic efforts to make it the first “modern” looking pterosaur in the Carnegie Collection.

The main problem with this figurine is the head, which is based on the classic John Sibbick illustration found in Wellnhofer’s pterosaur encyclopedia. Sibbick based his Quetzalcoatlus head on a partial skull (number┬áTMM 42489-2) which probably belonged to a different pterosaur, leading to many years of Quetz being depicted with a short, blunt beak. So while this toy may or may not be a good representation of that unnamed azhdarchid, it’s certainly no Quetzalcoatlus.

Ok, with that out of the way, let’s get down to details… Continue reading →